NZPPI Special General Meeting - Constitution Review 2023

Please read these instructions before completing your online proxy form.

NZPPI is holding a Special General Meeting for the purpose of voting on proposed changes to the constitution. The changes are detailed in the notice available on the NZPPI website, under publications.

All current financial members of New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated are eligible to vote on the motions to be presented at the Special General Meeting.

NZPPI members may vote on the proposals by attending the online meeting or submitting this online proxy form.

Please complete all fields. 

This Proxy must be returned to the Society's office no later than 1pm Tuesday 28th March 2023. All proxy forms received after this date will not be considered.

being a financial member of New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated, wish to appoint a proxy, to vote for me and on my behalf at the Special General Meeting of the Society to be held on Tuesday 28th March 2023 at 1.30pm via Zoom.

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The person appointed as a proxy shall be a financial member, or a staff member of a financial full member of the Society.

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